Swimming Pool

Glentui Meadows has its own swimming pool, available to all groups. For those not brave enough to take on the local rivers and waterfalls - you can relax on site and cool off in the pool!


Glentui is located in a beautiful New Zealand native beech forest, and offers an abundance of opportunities to experience the great outdoors on foot. These range from easy family friendly strolls to the more challenging...

Glentui Walks (DOC website)


Glentui has a fantastic abseil site, which is easily accessed from the lodge. Students walk for a couple of minutes to the top of the abseil site with one of our qualified and experienced instructors, before being harnessed up and briefed. This exciting 12 metre abseil experience looks over the incredible vista that is Glentui Meadows and into the foothills full of captivating bush and birdlife.  A great site with good areas for safely waiting and watching.

Archery Tag

Archery Tag is best described as a cross between dodgeball and archery, using specialist equipment to ensure it is safe and exciting for everyone.  Think Paintball but with bows and arrows, a smaller game area and MUCH less chance of pain and injury.  It's fun, exciting and challenging, and it involves a wide range of physical and mental skills.  Archery has surged in popularity recently thanks largely to books, film and TV shows like the Hunger Games, Green Arrow and Lord of the Rings.  This has got people interested, but target shooting can be a bit boring so Archery Tag adds the element of live action, head-to-head team play.

Team Building

The team building session has been designed as a full course that students must work through, to achieve the final goal…defusing a bomb!  There are around 6 activities that flow into each other and the course is a race between two small teams to see who can get there first. Giant skis, code cracker, toxic swamp, cargo net and bomb are just some of the activities the students will complete to get across a pressure sensitive field without setting off the bomb at the end that they must defuse. This activity never fails to deliver a great time and heaps of excitement, it is a must do for any school camp.

River Safe Programme

We have taken the four main activities (abseiling, zip line and jumping and sliding off waterfalls) from canyoning to provide students with active, exhilarating and fun wilderness experiences. The River Safe activity has a ‘swimming hole safety’ tint as we teach river crossing techniques, hazard identification, checking the pool depth, and safe jumping and sliding practices. The ‘Be River Safe’ DVD perfectly complements this session and is recommended viewing to all students prior to participating. You can view the video resources online or order the DVD itself through the NZ Water Safety website:

Bush & Survival Skills

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Canyoning for those that like tight spaces and lots of cold water!

Private Parties & Special Events

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