Swimming pool

Glentui Meadows has its own swimming pool, available to all groups in the summer.


Glentui is located in a beautiful setting of New Zealand native beech forest, and offers an abundance of opportunities to experience the great outdoors on foot. These range from easy to the more challenging...


Get a thrill rappelling down a rock face or waterfall.


Archery is a very skillful activity and requires great concentration.

Team Building

Team Building at Glentui Group Accommodation is endless. There are so many activities and challenges that can be arranged.

River Safe Programme

This activity is both educational and fun! The session starts with a River Safe Video. This video illustrates 'the river' and shows different currents, features and likely hazards. From here you will get to learn 'swimming hole' safety.

River Studies

You can arrange with DOC to have a free programme. Kids/Groups can do there own thing and produce reports on the aquatic or plant habitat of the beautiful Glentui River. Very Educational Great for the kids - They love it! Great photographic opportunitie

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue carry out training sessions from here as well as demonstrations to groups.

Trees and Birds

Tree and Bird species flourish in this conservation area, where wood pigeons are common place.

The Night Possum Hunt Game

use your torch to find those pesky possums hiding around Glentui


Canyoning for those that like tight spaces and lots of cold water!


These can be tailor made to your requirements

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